Travelling by car with small children is not an easy task. The impatience of the smallest grows as the kilometres go by and can lead to real moments of despair. But it doesn't always have to be that way.

Family travel creates memories who stay forever, tightens the bonds between parents and children and develops capacities that will shape the personality and the way of being in life. But sometimes it's so hard to keep our kids quiet in the car... It's complicated to plan a ride if we already know they're not going to take the trip without getting bored in the first hour.

Take it easy! With the right attitude and some tricks it is possible to keep the children quiet and in a good mood during the trip.

Tricks for stress-free car travel

  • Keep children interested in the destination

Plan, search, find points of interest for the youngest. Explain the distance and how long the journey will take. That the Hours they will pass inside the car is necessary to reach that spectacular spot. Seek empathy so that everyone os cooperating. The boredom of being inside the car for a long time persists, but children have a goal and this will keep them calmer.

  • Tell stories

Discover a story or a curiosity about where you're going. Take the opportunity to tell your children during the trip. Become a storyteller and awaken their curiosity.

  • Plan the stops

If we know where we're going, we also know where we can stop. Divide the journey into two or three parts. A good place for a picnic, which is already prepared from home, a beautiful village that sits halfway and that deserves to divert to lunch, and the service station, where awaits us the bathroom, an ice cream and a coffee for parents , are precious stops to stretch and gain new breath for a few more hours of travel.

  • Take snacks for the trip

Cookies, fruit, a pack of chips, carrot pieces, water: comfort snacks that will help in moments of impatience.

  • Keep the snuggle objects close by

The favorite Teddy, a cushion for the head and even a blanket can keep them more comfortable. To minimise accidents with food, water and nausea, keep close to a towel, wipes and a change of extra clothes.

  • Don't bet all the chips on tablet

It could go wrong. The tablet is great for entertaining children and should not miss the trip. But what happens if Theo go all the time with the tablet in Theiss hand is a tremendous pain in the neck and a tantrum when they,vê seen all the movies. So, get other alternatives and save the tablet for just a few moments. And don't forget headphones for each child.

  • Talk, play and sing

Ask questions about friends or the cartoons they like the most. Count red cars, find objects that begin with a specific letter of the alphabet, discover animals and observe the landscape. Do Kareoke sessions with your kids’ favorite songs. Whole family should participate!

  • Make sure that you have moments of silence

It is important to value the moments of silence and tranquility even when you are travelling by car with children. So please combine in advance a hour to sleep or to see a movie. The trip gets shorter when they get a little rest.

  • Bags for travel

This tip involves some work. It's fun, though. Prepare some gift bags like the ones we offer to guests of the children's parties with fruit, treats, a mini toy, a suggestion of play. Be creative! Add a small message based on certain points of the trip: "To open when we are passing the brinde, "to open when it starts to get dark” or "to open when we pass Coimbra’s exit". The expectation of novelty helps to stay calm and enthusiastic about the journey.

  • Travel toys

There are some toys that can help entertain the children on the trip. For example, a travel organiser, as well as the  Crayola Glass Washable Markers or books with games for travellers are good ideas to keep your children less bored.

  • Avoid fights and tantrums

There will be a time when impatience will make room for a crisis. It's the parents ' turn to empathize and accept this impatience calmly. If fights erupt in the car, you spoil your day and you don't deserve it.

  • Separate the garbage

Children learn by example and a journey in which the family stays together for several hours is an ideal time to adopt good attitudes. Take advantage, for example, to teach about recycling and garbage separation. Take three bags to the car and make the right separation of waste. When you reach the destination, stop at a Green Point to throw away all the garbage, properly separated!

Do you know any more tips you want to share? New ideas are always welcome!

Have a nice trip!

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